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Educational Trips

Learn about Whitesville's rich history with these fun field trip destinations:

Upper Big Branch Miners Memorial

The UBB Memorial serves as one of the most important historical memorials in southern West Virginia. This memorial honors those who lost their lives in the Upper Big Branch Mining explosion on April 5th, 2010. This memorial also seeks to educate students and visitors about the history and importance of the coal mining industry in West Virginia.

Coal Heritage RiverWalk

The Coal Heritage RiverWalk, founded by the Upper Big Branch Miners Memorial Group Inc., contains many unique opportunities for students and visitors to learn about the history and heritage of the community, as well as appreciate the natural beauty of the Big Coal River area. The park currently contains a mural of an old country coal store, as well as a historic train caboose with an observation deck. Historic markers are currently being incorporated into the park to educate visitors and students about a civil war skirmish that occurred along the Big Coal River.

Explore the Big Coal River

The Big Coal River is a five-minute walk from the UBB memorian and Coal Heritage Riverwalk. Students can access the river and learn more about West Virginia's natural environment as well as the role it played in coal history.

Activity Book

Whitesville has many opportunities for students to learn. Special activity pages have been created to teach students about the town and the history in a unique and fun way. To download these Whitesville activity pages, click here.

Educational Curriculum

Planning a field trip? Want to take the kids on a learning adventure in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia? Check out these educational curricula to learn more about the history, heritage and environment of the state. Each lesson plan provides multiple units with fun activities to promote engaged learning.

To start your learning adventure, simply download the history/heritage curriculum or the environmental curriculum.

To read more about these curriculums click here.

To see pictures from different caboose fieldtrips click here.

For more information, please email WhitesvilleWV@gmail.com, or contact the Upper Big Branch Miners Memorial at ubbminersmemorial@gmail.com